Common sense psychology for everyday people

Welcome to Clearview Psychological Services - serving the Ballarat region.  Our approach is time-limited, and focused on enhancing the capacity and strategies available to help you to reach your goals. Our aim is to assist children, adolescents, adults and families to achieve a better future.

Welcome to  Clearview Psychological Services, Ballarat. The fern, or "Koru" on our logos is a symbol of life, new beginnings, growth and harmony.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive and affordable Clinical Psychological Services firmly grounded in scientific research to the people of Victoria.

  • To provide a welcoming, confidential, family friendly service to meet the needs of children, adolescents and adults.
  • To provide a non-judgmental, safe and private space to meet with our psychologists. To respect, and value the needs of each individual, and tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.
  • To offer comprehensive and affordable clinical psychological services to the people of Victoria.
  • To provide an extensive range of psychological assessment and treatments that are grounded in scientific research.
  • To offer pragmatic, common sense strategies that you can use every day.


Please note that although our Associates may collaborate with each other, Alex and Sarah each run their own SEPARATE business and administration.

Every Associate has a DIFFERENT phone number, email and mail address, and office hours.




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